Tuesday, March 4, 2008


After reading Gabriel Schechter’s book, Victory Faust: The Rube Who Saved McGraw's Giants, I became very inspired to help Charley’s legend to live on.

The most heart-warming, intriguing and mysterious story from the Deadball Era is recorded in depth by Gabriel. The story represents how our country and baseball once was, and simply could not take place today. On the other hand, did Charley Faust have the determination, along with the right blend of innocence, that no one before or after him has had?

Many of us dream of playing in the big leagues someday, including those with more talent than Charley, but have only seen those dreams slip away. Charley focused on pitching for the New York Giants, and he did just that and more. He traveled with the team, brought them good luck, while entertaining many fans at the ballpark, and leaving a wonderful story behind for us to enjoy today.

I collected funds from Gabriel, and other fellow members from SABR’s Deadball Era committee who had a special place in their heart for Charley Faust, and donated a beautiful plaque to a baseball field in Charley’s hometown of Marion, KS.

I had the pleasure of meeting, and was warmly welcomed, by the friendly people of Charley’s hometown. With Gabriel’s guidance, I was able to see the Faust family farm, where this inspiring story began.

The plaque may be viewed at the Marion Baseball Complex, 308 Eisenhower Drive, Marion KS 66861.

David Stalker

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