Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just A Quick Note

Really, just a quick note to my readers. I know you're out there. I even know where some of you live. Some of you know where I live. That's only fair.

I've had a bunch of older articles sitting around that I've been meaning to post on this site, and this morning I finally did something about it. I posted four of my "A Closer Look" columns, originally written for the Hall of Fame website but no longer archived there. These articles are closer looks--statistical and otherwise--at some special players and seasons (and, in one case, a single game). The four I posted today are about great hitters, and they are archived under "A Closer Look". I hope you'll check them out and enjoy them. One is about a remarkable game in 1929 in which eight future Hall of Famers combined for 31 hits. One is about Mickey Mantle's Triple Crown season of 1956. A third is about Chuck Klein's amazing 1930 season, and the fourth is about the five-year reign of terror (and base hits) unleashed by Rogers Hornsby on National League pitching from 1921-1925.

Sometime soon I'll post a group of "A Closer Look" columns about great pitchers and pitching seasons. For now, they'll have to stay warm in the bullpen.

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