Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Somewhat Less Diabolical Hall of Fame Quiz

Last month I posted what I billed as the "most diabolical" Hall of Fame quiz ever. Apparently it lived up to its billing, and I am now convinced that the quiz was not only diabolical--it was impossible to solve. The person I thought most capable of solving it spent several hours on it, came up with only six of the 20 matches, and gave up. That was good enough for me.

Here is a revised version which I believe will give you a fighting chance of coming up with a solution, or at least will be more fun to attempt, especially if your mind was boggled the first time around. I'm still offering the first person who submits a correct solution signed copies of the three books available through this website. I'm also still requesting that you e-mail your solutions to me at

Here's how it works. There are two sets of 20 names which you must match together. One set consists of Hall of Famers, and the other of quasi-Hall of Famers. That is, the last names are all names of Hall of Famers, and most of the first names are as well (in fact, two of the 20 are actual Hall of Famers as well). I've combined them into full names (in the previous version, I had separate lists of first and last names, which you apparently had to be psychic to combine successfully). All you have to do is match them up. The connections are still fairly diabolical, many involving character traits of the Hall of Famer and others involving wordplay or the mere sounds of the names. Here are the two lists, in alphabetical order: good luck--and have fun!

Grover Cleveland Alexander
Walter Alston
Wade Boggs
Mordecai Brown
Ed Delahanty
Joe DiMaggio
Dennis Eckersley
Charlie Gehringer
Lefty Gomez
Harry Heilmann
Rogers Hornsby
Reggie Jackson
Tony Lazzeri
Rube Marquard
John McGraw
Gaylord Perry
Kirby Puckett
Branch Rickey
Albert Spalding
Don Sutton

Robin Banks
Raul Bender
Manny Brouthers
Juan Chance
Ban Combs
Burleigh Feller
Hack Fingers
Andy Flick
Catfish Hunter
Dizzy Keeler
Rich Lemon
Ty Mathewson
Bid Nichols
Heinie Palmer
Josh Ruffing
Warren Slaughter
Curt Speaker
Waite Traynor
Luke Wright
Early Wynn

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